Department of Genetic Research

Director of the Department of Genetic Research
Tetsuya Ikemoto M.D., Ph.D.,FACS.

The aim of our research is to analyze DNA and mRNA of human islet, mainly pancreatic β cells. Additionally, we are researching the clinical application and the establishment of generating insulinproducing cells (IPC) from mesenchymal stem cells (adiposederived stem cells) with 3D culture methods using regenerative medicine technology. This generated IPCs might be a surrogate model of human β cells which are considered as being difficult to be cultured, thus it might be directly linked to drug development. Moreover, we have focused on pancreatic islet transplantation as a radical therapy for type 1 diabetes mellitus, especially are researching genetic analysis and immune-monitoring of Foxp3 regulatory T cells, the induction of donor-specific immunological tolerance.