Pandemic rising of prevalence of diabetes is a serious issue in the world

Pandemic rising of prevalence of diabetes is a serious issue in the world. Especially Tokushima prefecture is notorious about the worst diabetes mortality in Japan since 1993. Improvement of mortality in diabetic patients is the most important challenge for Tokushima prefecture. Therefore, Diabetes Therapeutics and Research Center (DTRC) has been established as the regional and strategic research institute for diabetes in Tokushima University since 2010. The purposes of DTRC are (1) to improve clinical diabetes practice in the Tokushima University Hospital as the leading regional hospital in clinical network of Tokushima prefecture, (2) to establish the global network with other departments and other institutions to develop innovative diabetic research, (3) to apply excellent basic research into clinical practice as the translational research, (4) to manage the intellectual property among researchers in Tokushima University, industries and the government of Tokushima prefecture, and (5) to educate talented medical staffs who can promote innovative diabetic medicine in the clinical practice.

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MessageGreeting from the Director

Since the number of patients with diabetes is increasing markedly over the world, the world health organization (WHO) designated diabetes as only life-threatened common disease. People with diabetes is going to die each 8 second in the world. Tokushima used to be the worst prefecture in Japan in the incidence of deaths related to diabetes since 1993. In order to meet the needs to overcome diabetes, the Diabetes Therapeutics and Research Center (DTRC) was established in January 2010, by calling together clinicians and basic researchers in Tokushima University who are engaged in diabetology.

Munehiide Matsuhisa M.D.,Ph.D.
Director, Diabetes Therapeutics and Research Center
Tokushima University, Institute of Advanced Medical Sciences

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