Department of Community Medicine

Director of the Department of Community Medicine
Ken-ichi Aihara M.D., Ph.D.

Although metabolic disorders including diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia are thought to be major clinical problems in the public health, number of this clinical field specialist is not enough to treat those patients in local areas of Tokushima prefecture. In 2020, the Department of Community Medicine and Medical Science was established to practice patients-based medicine, to advance the cultivation of clinical human resources, to educate medical students and to make social contribution in Anan area of Tokushima prefecture. We are going to promote clinical support linkage between Tokushima University Hospital and Anan Clinical Center and to work positively to achieve following issues.

(1)Medical practice, education and human resource development for treatment of diabetes and metabolic disorders
(2)Assessment of clinical data and development of therapy for diabetes, metabolic disorders and its complications
(3)Establishment of efficient clinical support system for the community against disasters